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During this consult we are able to discuss specifics of your struggle with snoring and/or sleep apnea, various types of treatments available and what truly works.

The Snore Owl is a self fit oral appliance worn during sleep to comfortably position the lower jaw to open the airway, stop the snoring and relieve mild sleep apnea.

Do you, or someone you love, keep loved ones or friends awake at night? Stop Snoring Now!

There is a cure for snoring and Snore Owl™ works! If it does not, you get your money back. It is that simple.

Proudly made in Canada.

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This design easier to clean, it allows the jaw to move side ways slightly which makes it very comfortable. It has two slots for adjustment of the lower jaw. I have yet to experience any soreness in my jaws in the morning and I am not snoring.

Randy B.

After years of waking up ready to go back to bed, I had forgotten what a good night’s sleep felt like. The naps I take on the weekends have been greatly reduced. I finally have a good balance in my life of restful sleep and attentive wakefulness.

Nick N.

I have been using your product for years, and it has certainly saved my marriage (now if I could only get my wife to wear one!). I am looking forward to trying out the next generation of the product when it becomes available. Sincerely.

Alain D.

We have been using the Snore Owl at our clinic for over a year and have found it to be an effective treatment option. It is simple to use and an easy product to work with as patients are able to fit it themselves at home. Thank you!

Ron C.

A simple concept, based on opening the air passage, and it works! So remarkably well! My husband is not waking himself up now, but more importantly, not keeping me awake. Sweet dreams all round! Thank you, a million times!

Lesley G.

My wife has complained for years that I snore. I haven’t given it much thought as it hasn’t bothered me and I thought she was exaggerating. After 15 years she had had enough and moved into the spare bedroom. Couple of sleep studies later and a snore app on my phone confirmed I do in fact snore like a bear. A MAD from the dentist cost over 1300 euros so that wasn’t an option. So I tried the snorerx. It worked but the fit wasn’t secure and my lower jaw would fall out often. Next I tried the snoreowl. Fitting it I could tell immediately that it was going to be a better fit, not only did I fit my teeth but also onto the roof of my mouth and gums. No problems with it coming loose in the night. Like any MAD it takes some getting used to, but now I can sleep the whole night with it in comfortably. My score on snorelab is down to zero and my wife is moving back into the master bedroom. Highly recommend this product to combat snoring.


Stop Snoring. Guaranteed.

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