How many times do we hear that sleep is the “fountain of youth.” For a pathway to a healthy and happy life, it is really the final frontier. Not space – sorry Captain Kirk.

There are many things that lead to a good nights sleep. And many things that do not. We “Owls” have been engaged in days and days of “outreach and education” where our staff is speaking belly to belly with the public about Snoring and Sleep Disorders.

Here is what we hear…

  • I cannot sleep because my sleep partner snores…
  • I cannot sleep because I think I have Insomnia…
  • I do not know why I am so tired when I am sleeping 10 or more hours per day, I cannot stay awake sometimes…
  • My voice is hoarse in the morning – why?

So here are the answers in simple words – there are so many medical references out there and for more information just Google any of these and you will find endless amounts of data.

1. I cannot sleep because my sleep partner snores. This is a real and traumatic issue. Try and have someone wake you up one night every 20 minutes and see how your next day works.

If you love someone and snore  – STOP! There is no excuse. To stop snoring try the following:

  • Buy a Snore Owl – it will work for almost all people – if not we give you your money back!
  • Do not have alcohol 3 hours before bed. Booze can make you snore like a freight train. If you are going to enjoy, ensure you give a 3 to 4 hour window before bed.
  • Avoid large meals prior to going to bed.
  • Loose some weight. Yes all that wonderful “love tissue” around the neck leads to snoring in many.

2. “I cannot sleep because I have Insomnia.” Well Insomnia is one of Life’s greatest mysteries. There are so many issues and so few real cures. Here is what our MD’s “in the know” tell us:

  • Avoid caffeine after mid-day. Really this is so simple but so many who claim problems with sleeping are drinking caffeine beverages after midday. This is an absolute no-no.
  • Learn to relax. Try to meditate, do yoga, try a 20 – minute gentle stretching program 60 minutes before bed. We love Dr. Oz, see what his books say, he is really smart.
  • Loose the TV in the bedroom. Yes trust us on this one.
  • Loose the laptop in bed – same for all mobile devices. You deserve to sleep.
  • Make sleep your #1 priority. It really is. Nothing is more important!
  • Do not stay in bed for a long time if you cannot sleep. Get up and do something and try again in a while.
  • Set an alarm and wake up at the same time every day. Be cruel. Like a hungry dog, you will sleep if tired. Trust us on this one.
  • If you are being kept awake by a snoring bed partner. Buy them a Snore Owl.
  • If you are being kept awake by someone who may have sleep apnea – send them to the family MD for a review of Sleep Apnea issues.
  • Turn all TV and other mobile entertainment devices 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. Turn off all lights – light some candles. We call this the campsite factor. Did you ever wonder why campsites are so quite – no light – no music – no TV or computers. Just an old man wondering around telling us Owl’s to “be quite”

3. “ I do not know why I am so tired after a full night of sleep”

This is a short answer. There is no reason a healthy person should not be rested after consistent nights of sleep. One of the reasons this is happening could well be Sleep Apnea.

Over and over and over each evening Sleep Apnea sufferers are awakened by their condition and the result is often daytime sleepiness. Sleep Apnea is a condition that ranges from mild to severe, if you think you have Sleep Apnea you should see your family Doctor.


4. “Why is my voice so hoarse in the morning?”

Snoring happens in and around your vocal chords. As such, some snorers get hoarse in the morning. There are two solutions we know work.

Buckley’s (we Owl’s love Buckley’s – because it works). After a night of sawing away, using Buckley’s in the morning can sooth the throat.


Buy a Snore Owl (like Buckley’s – it works)

Summary: Snoring if untreated makes one hoarse. That’s a reality for many.

Stop Snoring. Guaranteed.

Get the Snore Owl today.