The Snore Owl is guaranteed to work or your money back.  Plus you get a full six month product warranty!

There are three things that make Snore Owl something you should try for a cure for snoring.

1) The patented “Halstrom Hinge.”

This marvellous invention allows the jaw to be gently moved forward (2 positions) while at the same time having side to side movement. Take a look at the competitors and you will see that pretty much all of them LOCK the jaw in one place for the entire night. Our patented hinge style allows comfort, movement and function.

2) The Snore Owl Outer Shell.

The Snore Owl outer shell is the second secret for success. Made from similar materials as are used in a F-22 Raptor Cockpit Canopy, this amazing material is light and strong. The confortable design holds the Snore Owl’s soft inner liner that molds and gently hugs the teeth and gums for an effective fit.

3) The Snore Owl Inner Liner.

Specially selected by Dr. Halstrom for comfort and function, this magic product is what allows the Snore Owl to be molded to your teeth and gums. It can be re-heated over the life span of the Snore Owl to assist in a good fit. It is clear and soft.

How Long Does a Snore Owl Last?

Just like tires on a car. Your Snore Owl has a life span. Like all plastics, over time, with use and with the fluids of the human mouth – it breaks down. We know the Snore Owl should last at least 6 to 18 months and more for some of our customers . But, after 6 – 12 months depending on use and mouth fluids which change from person to person, you will want to start thinking about getting a new Snore Owl for maximum performance.

Gold Medal Testimonial…

Dear Mr. Halstrom

We all know the difference that a good night’s sleep makes.  And a bad night, with little or no sleep can leave one grumpy and listless.  Turn that bad night into consecutive nights or weeks and you have one deranged, seriously irritable person trying to function through the day.  That became my existence when my husband’s snoring escalated over a few years until he could be heard from downstairs.

He was willing to try anything to ease my suffering and to have a more restful sleep himself.  He tried the nose patches, various tablets, tipping our bed up at an angle and the most drastic uvula surgery – all to no avail.  I attempted to wear ear plugs but found them painful and disorienting.  Then along came the “Snore Owl”, and it definitely deserves the gold medal!  A simple concept, based on opening the air passage, and it works!  So remarkably well!  My husband is not waking himself up now, but more importantly, not keeping me awake.  Sweet dreams all round!  Thank you, a million times!

Mrs. Lesley G.

White Rock BC, Canada

Stop Snoring. Guaranteed.

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