The Snore Owl™ is guaranteed to work or your money back – simple as that!  Plus you get a full six month product warranty.

There are three things that make Snore Owl™ something you should try for snoring and mild sleep apnea:

1) COMFORT – The patented “Halstrom Hinge™.”

This marvellous invention allows the jaw to be positioned slightly forward (2 positions) while at the same time having side to side movement. Take a look at the competitors and you will see that pretty much all of them LOCK the jaw in place for the entire night. Our patented hinge style allows comfort, movement and function. The Snore Owl’s soft inner liner that molds and gently hugs the teeth and gums for an effective fit.

2) FUNCTION & SAFETY- It works!

The Snore Owl has been researched various settings including a hospital based study, a clinical sleep lab setting, and a formal user trial. Some of the conclusions:

  • The use of the device significantly reduced the loudness of snores.
  • This self-fitting device has a comparable compliance to other treatments for snoring and mild sleep-disordered breathing.
  • The safety profile is comparable with that of other oral appliances.
  • Based on professional validation of the self-fit results, these data indicate that a majority of subjects, greater than 85% are capable of properly fitting the device to an effective level without professional assistance.
  • We have been using the Snore Owl at our clinic for over a year and have found it to be an effective treatment option.  It is simple to use and an easy product to work with as patients are able to fit it themselves at home. Comfort issues have been minimal and feedback from patients has been excellent. Support from the manufacturer has been exceptional and we plan to use the Snore Owl™ as our primary boil and bite dental appliance for years to come.

3) The Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee is the key to providing you with an opportunity to test and see if you are one of the many who can resolve their sleep and breathing issues with this product.  No down side other than a little time and effort.

How Long Does a Snore Owl Last?

Just like tires on a car. Your Snore Owl has a life span. Like all plastics, over time, with use and with the fluids of the human mouth – it breaks down. We know the Snore Owl should last at least 6 to 18 months and more for some of our customers . But, after 6 – 12 months depending on use and mouth fluids which change from person to person, you will want to start thinking about getting a new Snore Owl for maximum performance.